QuickJack Hydraulic Trouble shoot

I have a leak on a fitting, how can i see which fitting causing the leak?


When the leak is occuring between two fittings, disconnect them and revsere the long hose connections. 

Does the leak moves to the other connection? Then the female fitting on the long hose is devective, does the leaks stays in the same place? Then the power-unit fitting is defective. 




The leak occurs between the fittings at positon (A), disconnect the long hydraulic hose, and reconnect the Female fitting from the long hydraulic hose Position (A) to the short hydraulic hose from position (B) and reconnect the female fitting from the long hydraulic hose Position (B), to the male fitting on the hydraulic power-unit from Position (A) . Does the leak moves from Position (A) to Positon (B), then the Female fitting on the long hydraulic hose is defective, does the leak stays in the same Positon (A), then the male fitting on the hydraulic pump is defective. 

When a leak occours between the male fitting on the short hydraulic hose and the female fitting on the long hdyraulic hose, you can do the same process in reverse. 


My Frames are not raised equally, what can I do?


If the frames raise non equally with a bigger difference than 2/3 centimeter, First follow these steps:

– Is there enough weight on the QuickJack? this needs to be at least 300KG. Without weight, the frames will not lift and lower equally.
– Bleed the hydraulic system, by removing both HEX bolts at the bottom of the hydraulic cilinders. Press the UP button, until clear fluid comes uit.

If that does not work: Disconnect both long hoses on the power-unit side. Reconnect the hoses on the power-unit, but swap the connections and try again.

Example – The left frame is connected with the long hose to the power-unit, Position (A2) and Postion (A1).  The right frame is connected with the long hose to the power-unit, Position (B2) and Positon (B1). The QuickJack does not lifts equally and and the rigth frame is lifting slower than the left frame.

Disconnect fitting on position (A2) and Positon (B2). Now connect fitting (A2) on position (B1) and connect fitting (B2) on Positon (A1). 

Lift up again, When the left frame lift slower, there is a problem inside the hydraulic power-unit(1) or in the hydraulic long hose (2). When the right frame still going slower than the left frame, there is a problem in the connection in the right frame frame(3) or hydraulic. 

(1) – The power-unit flowdivider might disfunction. Remove the flowdivider, clean it, replace it and try again. CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS 
(2) – Disconnect the hydraulic fittings at the frame side and connect the rigth frame to the left long hose and the left frame to the right long hose. Try to lift again. If the problem moves from left to right, there might be a obstruction inside the long hose. Remove both fittings from the short hydraulic hoses (frame) and connect the loose fittings in the long hydraulic hoses. Press the UP button, and see if there is enough flow. 
(3) – there could be air inside the hose/cilinder. Bleed the system by removing the bleeding bolt and with the hose connected, press UP untill clear fluid comes uit the hole.