Which QuickJack Model Should I Buy?

Which QuickJack Model Should I Buy?

Before you know Which Quickjack you should purchase, it’s essential to get your vehicle measurements right. A portable car lift is not an insignificant piece of equipment, so we don’t want you to “guess” at it. Also, because QuickJack will not be held responsible for choosing your lift, it’s important you order the right model the first time to avoid any preventable replacement fees. We will, however, answer all your questions on this website or over the phone to get you properly set up. First, it’s up to you to measure your vehicle and wheelbase. With that information in-hand, we can better assist you. Here’s how to take those measurements, step-by-step. Measuring takes about five minutes and ensures the right car lift gets delivered to your door.  

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4 Things You Need To Know

  • A – Curb Weight – The weight of a vehicle without passengers or extra load.
  • B – Tire Spread – Distance between your tire tread.
  • C – Min. and Max. Lifting Point Spread – The maximum point from outside one lifting point to the other outside lifting point. Same for the minimum.
  • D – Ground Clearance – It’s important the fully lowered QuickJack has a bit of room between the rubber block and the lifting point.

Getting Measurements

The instructions below will show you how to take measurements of your vehicle. These simple steps can be done at home in five minutes or less. If you have multiple vehicles, make sure you measure each one according to the following instructions. We recommend downloading and using this worksheet.

Get to Know Your Vehicles

Take a few minutes to gather these four measurements

Locate Vehicle Curb Weight

You can find your vehicle’s curb weight either on the driver’s side door, in the manual or on the internet.

Finding vehicle curb weight

Measure the Tire Spread

Step 1 — Measure the distance between your front and rear tire treads, keeping the measuring tape 3″ above the ground.

Step 2 — Subtract 2” from the measurement in Step 1.

The result is your Tire Spread Measurement (Measurement B)

Measuring your vehicles tire spread for QuickJack

Lift Point Spread (Min/Max)

Step 1 — Measure the inside of your jacking point to the inside of the opposite jack point. This is your Minimum Lifting Point Spread.

Step 2 — Measure the outside of your jacking point to the outside of the opposite jack point. This is your Maximum Lifting Point Spread.

These two measurements will become your Lifting Point Spread (Measurement C)

Measuring your vehicles lift point spread for QuickJack

Ground Clearance

Measure the distance between the ground and a lifting point.

This is your Ground Clearance measurement (Measurement D)

Keep in mind that there must be some space between QuickJack and your vehicle’s lifting points. If your car’s lift points are resting flush on a fully-lowered QuickJack, the frames will be unable to generate enough force to lift the vehicle.

Measuring your vehicles ground clearance for QuickJack

Determining the Right Model

Now that you have all the measurements to determine which QuickJack car lift model will work with your vehicle(s), match your measurements with the chart below:

A – Curb Weight B – Tire Spread C – Lifting Point Spread D – Ground Clearance Recommended Model
≤ 1588-kg ≥ 156cm” 68,5cm” (min) – 128,2cm” (max) ≥ 8,9cm” BL-3500SLX
≤ 2268-kg ≥ 177,8cm” 80cm” (min) – 152,4cm” (max) ≥ 8,9cm” BL-5000SLX
≤ 2268-kg ≥ 194,31cm” 95,2cm” (min) – 167,6cm” (max) ≥ 8,9cm” BL-5000EXT
≤ 3175-kg ≥ 177,8cm” 80cm” (min) – 1542,4cm” (max) ≥ 10cm” BL-7000SLX
≤ 3175-kg ≥ 194,8cm” 95,2cm” (min) – 167,6cm” (max) ≥ 10cm” BL-7000EXT
≤ 2721-kg ≥ 219,7cm” 120,6cm” (min) – 193cm” (max) ≥ 10cm” BL-6000XLT

≤ less than or equal to, ≥ greater than or equal to

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