Why Choose QuickJack Portable Carlift?

The job’s always been the same.
Now you finally have the right tool. The QuickJack Portable Carlift is a rugged portable car lift that collapses to a low three-inch profile, so it fits where other car jacks don’t. This incredible car jack can be raised and lowered with the touch of a button, which makes QuickJack efficient and fun to use. No other garage lift compares to the quality of the QuickJack.


QuickJack Portable Car lift Features


Portable Carlift

QuickJack portable carlift is easy to carry!

Open-Center Design

Provides quick wheels-free convenience for brake and tire service and clear undercarriage access.


The QuickJack collapses to just 3-inches to give you multiple storing options, hang them on the wall or store them in a corner!


The QuickJack Portable Carlift is so compact that it can be used in almost every garage or workshop.


With a lifting capicity to maxmium 3175 Kilogram even the heavy cars aren’t a problem to lift!


Shipped with a portable hydraulic power unit with a built-in hydraulic flow divider for precise equalized lifting.

Automatic Safety Locks

Dual-position automatic safety lock bars engage automatically as the lift rises.

Easy to use

QuickJack is a friendly easy-to-use product. In less than a minute, the entire car will be 21” off the ground, ready for tire changes, chassis tuning or other maintenance.!