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About us, QuickJack Europe

Quickjack Europe was developed as the official importer for QuickJack portable Carlifts in Europe. We work closely together with QuickJack USA to proceed orders as quickly as possible and make the best deal for our costumers.

QuickJack™ is the Ultra portable car lift system for car lovers of all kinds. Wrench with ease in your garage or shave off seconds at the track. QuickJack will make all your automotive hobbies faster and safer than ever before.

The QuickJack was created and introduced to the market in the summer of 2013. The global patent was applied for two months later in North America, Europe and China.

The QuickJack was developed specifically to address the shortcomings that have plagued the race circuit and DIY market for decades – getting cars off the ground shouldn’t be such a chore. The QuickJack portable lifting system makes vehicle maintenance on the track and off convenient and lightning fast. The QuickJack can go anywhere and can be easily stowed in the trunk or back seat of most cars when not in use.

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