Introducing QuickJack TL Models



It’s almost here! We’re very happy to formally introduce you all to the brand new QuickJack TL Series portable car lifts!


What’s the difference between the NEW TL Models vs. SLX Models?

The biggest difference between the TL and SLX is the lifting height, which has increased 8 centimeters.
This provides ample room to perform all the common vehicle maintenance tasks and allows you the capability to perform even the most complicated repairs.
Almost all other dimensions have remained the same, except for the minimum lift point spread.

When will the new TL models be available in Europe?

The new QuickJack’s are now in transit to Europe and expect to arrive in the middle of August!

TL Replaces SLX
5000TL = 5000SLX
7000TL = 7000SLX

TLX Replaces EXT
5000TLX = 5000EXT
7000TLX = 7000EXT

ELX Replaces XLT
6000ELX = 6000TLX


    Email me when the TL models are here / Schicken Sie mir eine E-Mail, wenn die TL-Modelle da sind / Envoyez-moi un courriel lorsque les modèles TL seront disponibles



    QuickJack TL



    The Most important dimensions

    QuickJack TL


    (A) = Maximum lift Point Spread (B) = Frame Lenght (C) = Lift height, stacked blocks


    5000TL: (A) 1524mm (B) 1778mm (C) 616mm


    5000TLX: (A) 1676mm (B) 1930mm (C) 616mm

    7000TL: (A) 1524mm (B) 1797mm (C) 622mm

    7000TLX: (A) 1676mm (B) 1930mm (C) 622mm

    6000ELX: (A) 1930mm (B) 2203mm (C) 622mm