Schweller/Karosseriefalz Gummiauflage

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Sold in sets of four!

Round pinch-weld pucks are specifically designed to handle even more difficult-to-reach pinch-weld rails, while protecting your car. Fitting easily in the lifting block trays for every QuickJack model, these round pinch weld pads safely secure your pinch-weld rail without damaging pinch-welds or rocker panels. Sold in sets of four.

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AHeight: 2.5” (60 mm)
BWidth: 4” (100 mm)
CHeight of puck: 1.25” (30 mm)
Puck diameter: 3” (76 mm)
Pinch-weld depth: 0.6″ (16 mm)
Pinch-weld width: 0.4″ (10 mm)

Round pinch-weld puck spec diagram

  • Specially formulated urethane rubber
  • Deep opening eliminates chance of slippage
  • Round puck pad secures difficult pinch-weld rails without risk of damage
  • Water/Chemical resistant and 100% weatherproof
  • Single-piece construction for superior hold


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