QuickJack Maintenance Package

39.95 Excl. Vat

This set includes everything you need to maintain your QuickJack according to the manual. This is a 3 piece aerosol set from Motip, cleaner, wax and lithium grease.

QuickJack Maintenance! 

Just like your cars, trucks, tools, toys, and anything else mechanical you might own, QuickJack requires some regular maintenance!

QuickJack maintenance is the most important part of owning a car lift. Once in a while, a few lubricated hinged points and fluid level checks will go a long way toward ensuring your lift will stay in top shape for many years to come.

This set includes:
– Motip Black Speed Wax 600ML
– Motip Foam cleaner 500ML
– Motip Lithium Grease 200ML

Installation / Operation / Maintenance Manual PDF

QuickJack Garage Lift Parts Diagram

Vehicle Measurement Worksheet

QuickJack Cylinder Designator

Important Tech Bulletin - Never Raise QuickJack With No Vehicle Load

QuickJack Portable Car Lift Manual (All Models) (pdf) UPDATED - DEC 2017


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