Quickjack BL-5000EXT Portable Car Lift

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The BL-5000EXT is our latest extended model for lifting cars and light trucks, with jack support locations farther apart than normal. Basically, it’s longer. QuickJack EXT models are available in both 5,000 and 7,000-lb. capacities.
BL-5000EXT Portable Car Lift
Capacity: 2.268KG
Liftpointspread: Min. 951mm Max. 1.676mm
collapsed: 75 mm
Max height: 542 mm
Hydraulic Oil not included
208-240V AC Power-unit 50-60Hz
• Watt: 550
• Amps: 5-8
12-Volt DC Power-unit
• Watt: 800
• Amps: 66
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?• Watt: 550 • Amps: 5-8
?• Watt: 800 • Amps: 66
?Everything you need to maintain your QuickJack according to the manual. This is a 3 piece aerosol set from Motip, cleaner, wax and lithium grease.
?This twelve‐piece adapter set increases the service capability of the QuickJack BL-5000SLX/EXT, BL-7000SLX/EXT and 6000XLT series by providing stackable adapters that mount inside the lifting block trays.
?Round pinch-weld pucks are specifically designed to handle even more difficult-to-reach pinch-weld rails, while protecting your car.
?Turn you QuickJack Car Lift into a QuickJack Motorcycle Lift!
?Low-Profile rubber blocks, 38mm height. (set of 4) Note: Only for 3500/5000 Series!
?This padded rolling work seat features an under-seat tray. Maximum comfort, maximum convenience.
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BL-5000EXT portable car lift system

Why did we develop the BL-5000EXT? Simple: the BL-5000SLX has a limiting lift point reach of 60″. That works for most vehicles, but there are vehicles whose manufacturer-recommended lift points are just an inch or two out of reach. That sounds like a small difference, but professional shops and smart DIY’ers know never to take chances with an off-balance load.

The BL-5000EXT has a 66″ lift point reach that’s long enough for virtually every consumer vehicle type out there (with the exception of certain electric vehicles, for which we offer the BL-6000XLT). Many auto detailing and repair shops can’t fit a full-size car lift in their space, and there hasn’t been an industry response to meet these needs. We heard the community’s call and immediately went to work perfecting the EXT series. It’s our pleasure to introduce the world’s first professional-grade home car lift. Of course, commercial garages will get just as much use out of it.

Looking to lift more weight with an extended-length frame? Check out the BL-7000EXT car lift.

Setup for the BL-5000EXT car lift is the same as it is for any other SLX model. You still get 5,000 lbs. of lift, auto-locking safety bars, 30-second rise and one-touch button controls. Because we stretched our EXT models an extra 6″ to accommodate some late-model cars, the overall frame length is also slightly longer. So, if you’re into Smart Cars or other super-short wheelbase vehicles, be sure to measure first—these frames are probably too long. For vehicles with jack points that are a little closer together, we recommend the BL-5000SLX. However, the EXT will often accommodate shorter vehicles too. We ask that you measure your wheelbase(s), re-measure, and then measure again. Better safe than sorry.

EXTENDED-LENGTH car lift design

The BL-5000EXT portable car lift has been redesigned to accommodate vehicles with longer wheelbases. We’ve increased the overall frame length and lift point spread by 6″. As a result, the minimum lift point spread is now 6″ longer, as well. Our new portable car lift design better accommodates longer wheelbases and/or extended lift point spreads.

SLX minimum lift point spread: 80 cm
EXT minimum lift point spread: 94 cm

SLX maximum lift point spread: 152,4 cm
EXT maximum lift point spread: 167,6 cm

SLX overall frame length: 177,8 cm
EXT overall frame length: 193 cm (5000EXT model only)

Specifications QuickJack Garage Lift Dimensions



LIFTING CAPACITY 5,000 lbs. / 2,268 kg.
(A) COLLAPSED 3″ / 76 mm
(C) RAISED (FRAME ONLY) 17.6″ / 447 mm
(D) RAISED (SMALL BLOCK) 18.4″ / 467 mm
(E) RAISED (LARGE BLOCK) 19.2″ / 487 mm
(F) RAISED (STACKED BLOCKS) 21.3″ / 542 mm
(G) SUV ADAPTERS 20.3″ / 516 mm
(H) SUV ADAPTERS (W/ PIN) 23.3″ / 592 mm
(I) LIFTING POINT SPREAD – MAX 66″ / 1,676 mm
(J) LIFTING POINT SPREAD – MIN 37.4″ / 951 mm
(K) FRAME WIDTH 11″ / 278 mm
(L) FRAME LENGTH 75″ / 1,905 mm
FRAME WEIGHT 80 lbs. / 36 kg
POWER UNIT WEIGHT 35 lbs. / 16 kg
SHIPPING WEIGHT 220 lbs. / 100 kg
Noise < 45dBA







12-Volt DC N/A 0.8 N/A 70
110-Volt AC 60 0.55 1 10-15
208-230-Volt AC 50/60 0.55 1 5-8
240 Volt AC 50 0.55 1 4-6
  IMPORTANT NOTE: EXTENSION CORDS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED. Using extensions cords can adversely affect operation and can cause overheating conditions and damage to power unit. If using an extension cord, use the shortest cord possible. Refer to extension cord size chart below.

Cord Length

AWG size/rating

25 feet 14 gauge
50 feet 14 gauge
75 feet 12 gauge

Additional information


LIFTING CAPACITY 5,000 lbs. / 2,268 kg.
(A) COLLAPSED 3" / 76 mm
(C) RAISED (FRAME ONLY) 17.6" / 447 mm
(D) RAISED (SMALL BLOCK) 18.4" / 467 mm
(E) RAISED (LARGE BLOCK) 19.2" / 487 mm
(F) RAISED (STACKED BLOCKS) 21.3" / 542 mm
(G) SUV ADAPTERS 20.3" / 516 mm
(H) SUV ADAPTERS (W/ PIN) 23.3" / 592 mm
(I) LIFTING POINT SPREAD – MAX 66" / 1,676 mm
(J) LIFTING POINT SPREAD – MIN 37.4" / 951 mm
(K) FRAME WIDTH 11" / 278 mm
(L) FRAME LENGTH 75" / 1,905 mm
FRAME WEIGHT 80 lbs. / 36 kg
POWER UNIT WEIGHT 35 lbs. / 16 kg
SHIPPING WEIGHT 220 lbs. / 100 kg
Noise < 45dBA

Power-unit Options

208-240 Volt AC Power-unit, 12-Volt DC Power-unit


Installation / Operation / Maintenance Manual PDF

QuickJack Garage Lift Parts Diagram

Vehicle Measurement Worksheet

QuickJack Cylinder Designator

Important Tech Bulletin - Never Raise QuickJack With No Vehicle Load

QuickJack Portable Car Lift Manual (All Models) (pdf) UPDATED - DEC 2017


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